SLIK Pro AL-323 Tripod

SLIK Pro AL-323 Leg only for Mirrorless/DSLR Sony Nikon Canon Fuji Cameras and More – Black (613-355)

  • NEW Rapid Flip-Lock Mechanism for fast and easy independent leg-angle adjustments
  • NEW Collar design provides a solid base and connection to the legs. NEW Streamlined rubber grip for easy handling
  • NEW Accessory Port on the side of the Collar, and NEW Center Column Hook
  • 3 leg Sections for a more compact design, 2-section reversible center column
  • Includes Fitted Travel case

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The New Pro 300 series tripods are solid, full-size, built tough, and ready for any adventure. From a quick trip to the park or the scorching heat of Death Valley, the Pro 300 series delivers rock solid performance with a &duo; ready-to-travel attitude. At the heart of the new series is a completely redesigned low-profile collar and a new Rapid Flip Mechanism (RFM) that provides an easy way to adjust the leg angles. Now with just a simple &duo; Flip you can adjust your leg angles to increase stability on uneven surfaces, and lower the overall height of the tripod for creative low-angle perspectives. We have also added an accessory port to the side of the collar that accepts ΒΌ 20 or 3/8 accessories like magic arms to hold lights, phones, or tablets. The Pro AL-323 leg only weighs 2. 9 lbs. and supports 8. 8 lbs. of camera equipment. To put that in perspective: a Nikon D850 full-frame camera with 24-70mm f2. 8 lens attached weighs 4 lbs. Each leg is made up of 3 sections and the height is adjusted using the easy-to-use flip-lock design for solid slip-free operation. The center column includes a hook to hold your bag off the ground or provide more weight and stability when needed. It can be separated into 2 pieces for low-angle work or be inverted so that you can shoot straight down over your subject. A great feature to have when shooting macro. The Pro AL-323 Leg Only sports a matte black finish and it folds down to 21. 3 inches and reaches a maximum height of 58. 7 inches. Includes: – Silk Pro AL-323 Leg Only in Black- Fitted Carry case- Instructions- 3-Year USA